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Mi’gmaqs of Gespeg

Home page of the Micmac Nation of Gespeg: www.gespeg.ca

The Mi'gmaq people have occupied the Mi'gma'gi territory, including the Maritimes and the Gaspe Peninsula, for thousands of years. Traditionally, the Mi'gmaq lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle, depending mainly on fishing during the summer and game meat during the winter. The Mi'gmaq ingeniously adapted to deep sea fishing activities and they developed the art of building boats intended for this kind of fishing. Salmon fishing is also an integral part of the Mi'gmaq culture.

According to available sources, it was during the sixteenth century that the Mi'gmaq settled permanently in the Bay of Gaspe. Around 1675, the Gespeg village, meaning "end of earth", had maintained ties with European fisherman for several decades. Despite the arrival of new products and foreign influences, the Mi'gmaq retained their values and traditional ways of life in close relationship with their surrounding nature. Today, the Mi'gmaq fishers of Gespeg are involved in commercial fishing of several species, including northern shrimp, snow crab, and some species of ground fish.